Ketchum Automotive is a general auto repair shop.  We specialize in engine repair, transmission, suspension, brakes, etc.  Our advanced computer diagnostic system along with our qualified technicians can diagnose any problem happening to your car  right now, whether you drive Domestic, Import or European automobile, we can fix it.  Come and see the difference. We only repair what you need because we have a moral obligation to our clients and this is how we do business and how we have been able to stay in business for so many years.

Come and see the difference of a family owned and operated business which does not need to meet quarterly reports or report to a big corporation; a place where we value customer service and strive to make new customers part of our  family.



Automotive repair is not like in the 50's or 60's.  The automotive industry today is moving very rapidly to a more economical and advanced engines. Combustion engines in principle are still the same, but to modify economy and efficiency, automotive manufactures have implemented controls, modules and computers which its main objective is  to manage operations based on different conditions and control emissions more efficiently.

With more than 50 years in the business, Ketchum's automotive has been around, and our qualified technicians are ready to tackle any problems with your vehicle. whether it is internal or external; if necessary we can rebuild your engine or diagnose and repair charging systems, emissions, check engine lights, cooling system, noises, leaks etc.




Getting new tires or finding out which tires fit better on your vehicle is our job.

We work with Discount Tires Stores because of their huge inventory of quality tires.

So when it comes to get tires that fit perfect to your Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Toyota, Ford, Chevy, or Hyundai; or any car, we have the right tires for you.





The manufacturer recommends to check your alignment every so often.

What does an alignment do to my car?

the answer is: It makes it go straight on the road.

All vehicle manufactures hold position of the vehicle against the road by adjusting 3 points: Camber, Caster and Toe.

These  positions will make your car stable depending also on the type of suspension, give you a better tire contact on the road and make your steering easy or at least it is what the  manufacturer expects.

Alignment in most cases is held by nuts and bolts. Normal driving conditions put stress and pressure on the wheels causing wear on all components involved.  To solve this issue, the manufacturer recommends to check the alignment specially when replacing tires.




The A/C is one of many systems in the vehicle which provide cool air when temperatures outside are elevated.

how does this system achieve its function?

By creating high and low pressure using Freon 134, an element which boils at -21.64  Fahrenheit .  This refrigerant circles the system and if for some reason the air blowing thru your vents is warm is because you have a leak or a switch, sensor or relay is not working.

At Ketchum's automotive we can diagnose and repair this issue.



It is everything that holds and at the same time makes your ride comfortable.

The components involved in the suspension are: lower ontrol arms, upper control arms, struts (on new vehicle), ball joint, bushings, knuckle, A arm, springs  etc.

All these keep your vehicle in balance, but wear and tear requires to have them checked at least once a year or sooner if you notice other driving conditions, like pulling,  hard steering, etc


The brake system is an essential part of every vehicle safety.

It is recommended to check your brakes every so often because hydraulics fluid working under pressure and extreme temperature are destined for failure.

What are the parts of the braking system?

Booster, master cylinder, brake lines, brake hoses, calipers, pads, rotors, hardware.

Cars that have anti-lock brakes have a computer module, sensors, valve system and some have ceramic pads and carbon rotors.

It is essential to check your brakes at least once a year.


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